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All teaching at Casa Rosario is one on one. This means that you can progress at your own individual pace, that you won't have to wait for the rest of the class to catch up with you, or to feel embarrassed because you are slow. There is always time to answer any questions you may have. Together with your teacher, you will be able to work out your course of study. At times your teacher will suggest the next topic to study; other times you may ask the teacher to cover a particular grammar point next.


The program is an immersion program. This means you will be taught in Spanish, and you will be doing reading and writing in Spanish. Do not worry if you are an absolute beginner. The teachers know the meaning of quite a number of English words, and have successfully taught Japanese and Chinese speakers whose languages are from a completely different family of languages. If you are bringing a smart phone, it is a good idea to buy a Spanish/English dictionary that is entirely on the phone, in other words, one that does not need an internet connection. See Books.


All teachers have to pass a certification test to be licensed. Having the right teacher for you is of paramount importance especially as you advance. We know that sometimes at any school a particular student and teacher, no matter how good, may not connect. If you don't feel that your teacher is the right one for you, directors Samuel and Vicente will work with you to provide you a teacher who better fits your needs. The directors, however, are not mind readers so you have to let them know your feelings. People studying for extended periods often change teachers. The teacher who is best for beginners, may not be the best one for you as you advance. It is always good to talk with all the teachers during breaks. You may find your next week's teacher for you this way.


We strongly recommend that you live with a family in addition to the classes. Just learning the grammar will not make you fluent. Living with a family will get you used to using the words and grammar you have learned in your classes. Each day you will have to figure out how to communicate with whatever words and phrases you know. Living with a family will help you get over the fear of making mistakes. Once this happens you are well on the road to becoming fluent in Spanish. Living with a family you will progress much more quickly than you will living in a hotel with other English speakers.