From Mexico
From Mexico
From Guatemala City Travel Tips

From Mexico
route via car or motorcycle

 to San Pedro


1. Mexico to Cuatro Caminos:

Coming from Tapachula you will pass through Quetzlatenango on your way to Cuatro Caminos. Coming from San Cristobal de las Casas your route will take you direct to Cuatro Caminos.


2. Quatro Caminos to Marker 149.

From Quatro Caminos you will head towards Guatemala City (turn right from Xela; go straight from San Cristobal de las Casas). There are mile markers showing the distance in kilometers from Guatemala City. A few miles past Nahuala at mile 149 turn right from CA1 to route 14. Route 14 stops at the highway.


3. Kilometer 149 to San Pedro

Go straight on that road until you get to San Pablo la Laguna. Your travel will be level and then you will descend a mountain on a curving road. You will then climb a little, and pass by Santa Clara la Laguna, after which you will see the lake and go through 16 switchbacks as you descend. In San Pablo you will turn right, and the road will take you to San Pedro la Laguna.(San Pablo to San Pedro is not marked on the map, but it is the only route.)



From Mexico

via Bus to San Pedro


1. Bus to Xela (Quatzaltenengo)

No matter whether you come from Tapachula, Mexico or San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, you should make you way to Quetzaltenango. The bus attendants will be using the ancient Maya name for Quetzaltanngo, Xela (pronounced chela).


2. Taxi to terminal de autobuses

There are two terminals for buses in Quetzaltenango so make sure your taxi driver knows where the terminal is for San Pedro la Laguna. There is more than one San Pedro in Guatemala.


3. Bus Xela to San Pedro la Laguna

The bus follows the route on the map above to San Pablaola Laguna and then on around Lake Atitlan to San Pedro la Laguna. The bus will let you off in the center of town. If you can, call Vicente, the director of Casa Rosario, right away. You could also make your way to the area near the dock to Panajachel. A travel agency should be able to help you call Vicente from there.