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  This is the cheapest and quickest way to get to San Pedro. Warning: If you have a lot of luggage, or electronic devices such as a computer or camera you should pick one of the two other alternatives. Gangs of thieves have been known to target tourists as they get on the bus at Calle 41. They work in unison and make you think they are the bus driver and his assistant. If you only have a small day pack held on your lap you should have no problem traveling to San Pedro la Laguna this way.
  Dissatisfied with all the maps (including one I had previously made), I made this map of San Pedro la Laguna by tracing the streets and paths of numerous close up Google views of San Pedro taped together. At least for the present, it is the best proportioned and most accurate map there is of San Pedro. The roads into and out of town and streets that are open to buses are in red. Since San Pedro developed before there were cars, many of the streets are narrow. The streets that cars can access are in black. Paved paths which can be used by both people and tuctuc's (small three-wheeled taxis) are gold. Dirt footpaths, of which only a few exist  in town anymore, are brown.
To the pick-up location in Zona 4
Take a taxi from your hotel in Guatemala City or the airport to Calle 41 (calle cuarenta y uno) the Terminal de Autobuses por Solola. This is a street above the highway where all the buses for the oriente leave. (The buses are no longer allowed in the center of the city.) There you will wait for a bus to San Pedro la Laguna. The first bus leaves at 11:00 am and the last bus leaves around 5:00 pm. All the buses for the Department of Sololá stop at the same area so make sure you are in the right area. The buses for other departments leave from further down the block. On Sundays there are no buses in the morning. Sunday buses start around 2:00 pm with the last one around 5:00 pm.
Guatemala City to San Pedro la Laguna
Relax, enjoy the trip. Keep an eye on your possessions. The bus ride should cost you less than the taxi ride in Guatemala City did. If you are asked to pay before the bus leaves make sure you are paying the driver or his assistant.
3. WALK:
San Pedro la Laguna town center to Casa Rosario.
The bus will let you off either in Front of the Catholic church or in front of the Market. San Pedro is the end of the line. If you need to ask directions the easiest way would be to ask where to catch the boat to Santiago Atitlán (¿Donde esta la lancha a Santiago Atitlán? but ¿Santiago Atitlan? would probably be sufficient). You will be directed to one of two streets which soon join. They go downhill from the center of town to the dock [muelle] from which all the boats to Santiago Atitlán leave. [There are docks muelles on the other side of San Pedro from which boats go to most other towns on the lake, so be sure ask for Santiago Atitlán.] At the bottom of the hill a short distance from the lake, there is a large paved road going to the right.  Talk this road to the right. Take this road straight until it swerves slightly to the left. Instead of following the road  at the swerve turn right on the road there (another sign) and Casa Rosario is the second building.
The bus will let you off near the Catholic Church in the center of town. Ask directions for the "muelle a Panajachel" and come down the hill. Turn right at the road at the bottom of the hill. This is a map showing the route to the garden classroom of Casa Rosario. The brown areas are where the paved road becomes a dirt path. The brown areas are where the paved road becomes a dirt path. Classes are from 8 a.m. to noon and 2 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Someone is usually now there most of the day on both Saturdays and Sundays.
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